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Your Style Guide To Modern Bath Towels

Bath towels are quaint additions to our interior decor and our washroom’s ambiance. Soothing tones can often give a sense of calmness that helps you synergize and gain peace of mind. Bath Towels often come along with bath mat sets, in diverse designs online and these are meant to suit your aesthetic palette. Let’s take a look at the different designs you’ll find online.

1. Pastel and Reversible Stripes

Pastel shades are softer undertones of the primary colors. One may think that this makes them boring, but on the contrary, it actually brings a certain brand of sophistication to your washroom’s ensemble. Striped patterns on the contrary are meant to create contrast and vibrance. Adding pastels to stripes gives you the perfect balance coupled with a soothing flair. Similar yet different in their own right, the reversible stripes are unique. Turning the towels inside makes the colors pop in reverse. These are the best options for a two-in-one towel!

2. Egyptian Cotton

Named after the land of pharaohs and historic royalty, Egyptian Cotton bath towels are no less. These towels are soft to your touch and have a lavish thickness that makes them look inviting to use. The material is plush and adds glam and comfort to your bathing experience. Egyptian cotton bath towels are extra absorbent and easy to clean. Simple machine wash and tumble dry are enough for these yam spun fluffy towels to maintain their quality!

3. Signature Embroidered

Embroidery is a symbol of elegance and quaintness. Towels that come in the signature embroidery designs have a grainy texture attached to them. Being woven in 650 GSM thickness, these towels are extremely plush to feel and see as well. They are great at drying you off. Being certified non-toxic by Oeko Tex Standard 100 the towels available in Cotton Towel sets are made for sensitive skin.

4. Anchor bath towels

Anchor designs bring back memories of the sea. Anchors are most commonly used in nautical adventures and symbolize steadfast belief and hope. Towels with anchor designs have jacquard-woven towels to ensure that their design lasts for a longer time. The cotton fibers are yam-dyed to ensure that the colors on the fiber do not lose vibrance early. Additionally, just like the reversible stripes, these towels are reversible and tier design is present on both sides. You can get these towels online with ease at very affordable prices as well!

Bath towels add a sense of calmness and plushness to the feel of your home. After a tiring day drying yourself with one of the soft cotton woven bath towels can work as a good way to take the stress off. Adding to this, all these products are made with special care and attention to detail with non-toxic fabrics that are tested in labs. If you have sensitive skin, these towels are the best for you. We recommend hopping onto an online store and checking out the myriad of designs that are available for towels and bath mat sets for you today!

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