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Ways to Advertise a Custom T-Shirt Business

Customized T-shirt businesses need new ways and unique designs of advertising to remain competitive. There is huge competition in retail and online custom t-shirt businesses. To remain competitive and to attract the attention of prospective clients, businesses use original advertising ways. T-shirt or hoodie customize advertising these days is quite different from the way entrepreneurs used to advertise the T-shirts earlier. However, they need almost the same money and effort. The internet has made advertising very easy. Though t-shirt advertisement has changed a lot in many ways, but the basic necessity has remained the same – reaching maximum audiences. Consumers’ buying behaviors have changed a lot. Online buying is trending. The offline buying pattern has changed. However, aspects of marketing like great design, good research, and marketing skills are still the same. You have to plan advertisements astutely.

Advertise your custom t-shirts in some innovative ways 

Following are some innovative methods to advertise your t-shirt business: 

  1. Videos

Online advertising is highly crucial for all kinds of businesses; however, a custom t-shirt can use free online video websites. Create small videos of 30-60 seconds, which can feature the custom t-shirts from satisfied customers. The only cost will be printing the t-shirts for featuring in the videos. These can become profitable when the videos become popular and the t-shirts began to sell. If the videos contain humor elements then viewers shall find them interesting. Promote your videos online to receive more attention.

  1. Post the T-shirts on Instagram and Pinterest

If you are creating t-shirts with custom designs then create an account on Pinterest and Instagram. You can put your t-shirts in different categories to ensure that people who visit your website find it easy and fun to browse them. People who will like your photos will share or favorite your photos that can make them more visible. You can place catchy descriptions for them and ensure you insert a link to the website. Ensure that you keep the presentation attractive for the interested account holders. 

  1. Kiosks

T-shirts kiosks available in department stores and shopping malls attract people. One unique way to use t-shirt kiosks is setting where the customers are and also setting up a kiosk or table. Rather than setting up them in shopping malls to receive corporate customers, these can be set up at trade shows and local business meetings. Try to find out where do customers visit more and then set up t-shirt selling kiosks to get more exposure and business.

  1. Remain active on Facebook

These days you cannot have any business without being active on Facebook. People log onto this social media regularly and if you do not post anything for some days, you might miss an opportunity to create a contact point with your likers or customers. Though the Facebook ads will cost you some dollars, however, it ensures that the posts show up on the timeline of people. Every user who likes your page can become your customer. 

  1. Build a great website

Establishing a website is neither an easy task nor is a quick one. However, as you are selling your products online, ensure that people can easily find your website and products. The overall experience when people visit your site should be excellent. If you are unable to create a great website layout and design, you can hire a good designer. With a customized t-shirt business, your taste reflects a lot and when you do not have a great website, people might not turn buyers.

Avoid putting a lot of effects and glitters. The best way to get a good website is by checking out the cool sites, mainly the ones that sell t-shirts. Ensure that your videos, store, promotional materials, and Facebook page match your website.

  1. Organize t-shirts contests

You can say your customers that if they post any picture wearing your t-shirts, they can win something. You can keep this contest open for everyone on social media.  It is an effective t-shirt advertising as it shall come from actual customers. The competition will also some prospects to customers. This you can put on the t-shirts packages or you can post on the Facebook page. The reward should be something that you like. Let your friends, family, and neighbors join the preliminary rounds of the contest to ensure that are many people shall be participating. If you throw a contest and people do not join them then it is not good. 

  1. Press Release

A news material should report about your business. Write a press release and then send it to a radio station, local newspaper, magazines, and TV stations. It shall not cost you much and you can receive free media coverage. This can be useful if someone who works with you has public relations skills for building a relationship with the media. You can give bloggers your product and they shall write stories about it. You can request promotion from influencers on YouTube, social media, or you can have a website.

  1. Newsletter

Gather as many emails as possible from the market and reliable sources. When you have a lot of emails and you send them attractive discounts and new products through emails, there is a huge possibility that some of them would buy or at least start interacting with you. If you have more emails, you will get more responses. Soon, you will be delighted to see how the customers and wholesalers showing interest in your products. But, keep in mind that your email should be well-formatted, candid, informative, and written in simple language. The e-mail subscribes shall appreciate it and they shall purchase your products more and more.

Advertising a custom t-shirt and a hoodie customize do take effort and time though it is fun. All of these promotional efforts shall give you sales leads. The way your market your business can either make or break it. To be really seen and for maximizing your business ability, try out all these above-mentioned techniques. You should ensure that your t-short designs look good on t-shirts. You should be creative to gain new audiences.

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