Visiting Azerbaijan? Find Out If You Need A Visa Below!

Azerbaijan is a country in the southern Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is one of the six independent Turkic countries known as the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Visitors to Azerbaijan must first research the country’s visa policy before visiting. Find out all you need to know about traveling to Azerbaijan in this article, including whether or not a visa is required and how to apply for one.

Who Needs a Visa for Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has a complex visa regime, which distinguishes between those who must and those who may enter the country on a visa-free basis. This scheme specifies the activities that can be done under the status of being able to enter the nation with a visa or visa-free, as well as the maximum stay permitted.

The following countries are entitled to visa-free access to Azerbaijan:

Citizens of the following countries can visit Azerbaijan visa-free for 90 days and remain up to 90 days per entry while traveling for tourism or business:

  • Russia
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia

Azerbaijan Electronic Visa (e-Visa):

The Republic of Azerbaijan’s most recent visa initiative, the Azeri electronic visa (ASAN Visa) is a relatively recent program that allows visitors to the country to visit using an electronic visa.

The e-visa may be obtained from the Azeri e-visa website, which is run by the government of Azerbaijan. The deadline to apply for an e-passport is three months before your passport expires.

You must fill out all of the necessary information and then upload the following items in order to apply for this visa:

  • A passport scan.
  • A photo 3.5 × 4.5 cm.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Ticket to Azerbaijan.

Requirements For Azerbaijan Visa:

  1. The most essential part of the whole application procedure for a sticker visa to Azerbaijan is gathering the documents you will need to present to the embassy. These papers verify your identity, authorization to travel, and planned purpose of your trip while also verifying the validity of your plans.
  2. These documents are as follows:
  3. The applicant must submit the following documents: – A completed visa application form in English. It may be submitted electronically at
  4. If you do not have any travel plans to Azerbaijan, then you must bring your passport or other approved documents that are valid for at least three months after your planned stay in Azerbaijan. Please note that if you aren’t taking the actual document with you, make photocopies of the entire page of your passport or travel document.
  5. Two recent color photographs are suitable for your biometric identification criteria.
  6. If you want to compel an insurance company or third-party administrator (TPA) to issue your health insurance certificate, you must submit to them a copy of your medical insurance certificate.
  7. Show the receipt for your visa fee payment (if you paid one) or a letter from an official source confirming that you made the payment.

The invitation is a document issued by the head of state or government, in which he/she invites foreign leaders to visit his/her country. The following documents are required for applications: an application submitted by the inviting party that has been approved by a body authorized by the executive power, a registered copy of a certificate (for non-governmental organizations), a document confirming a foreign national’s identity, a copy of the inviting party’s official identification card.

There are a number of valid reasons why you might need to apply for an Azerbaijani visa. If the reason is business-related, then you may not need one at all! You can find information on visas below or by clicking here. The first step in getting your Azerbaijani visa is figuring out if you even need it. Please click here for more detailed information about Azerbaijan visa online.

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