Types of Links in SEO – Complete Guide

Search engine optimization is one of the very crucial things when it comes to ranking your website. There are different strategies that one can follow to apply SEO to their websites. But, the basic strategy is the same behind SEO. No matter which SEO strategy you are tracking, Link building is a significant task in SEO. Link building is essential for your website’s social identification and improves the authenticity of the website. To add the links to your website, you need to know the types of links that you can add. In this post, we have explained to you the four types of links in SEO.

Let’s Know How Links Work

Before we explain all the types of links in SEO, you must know why these links are essential and why you need to add them to your website.

When a search engine scans your website, it looks for different links available on your website. If some authenticated and verified links are available on the website, the search engine ranks your website on the first page. It will then identify that the links on your website are of good quality or not. Though this is just only one SEO factor, it is an essential factor.

Types of Links on Website

There are two major types of links in SEO: Outbound Links and Internal Links. Let’s discuss all these links in detail.

Internal Links

Internal links are the links added to the website and are on the same website. It simply means that you add a link to your one webpage to your other webpage. These types of links are added so that you can make the user stay on your webpage longer. Because of this, the authority of the website is increased and helps you to rank your website.

External Links

These links are also called Outbound links. These links redirect the user to some other domain when they visit your webpage. These links are provided for the websites where the user can look for more explanations regarding the topic. Outbound or external links are essential for your website because these links are never under the control of the owner. Also, they are significant for the authenticity of the website.

Types of Links Off Website

Backlinks are other links that another website provides to your website. They are also called inbound links. It is excellent to get a lot of backlinks on your website to increase the website’s authenticity. It also implies that the content on your website is good enough that other websites offer you backlinks. In this section of the post, we have explained all the types of backlink.

Natural Link

You get these links on your website even if you do not ask for them. Simply, it implies that the content on your website is excellent enough that other websites want to feature it. The owners redirect the readers to your website.

Manually Obtained Links

To obtain such links, you need to make efforts. You may have written an article for their website, a guest post article. You will also have to contact the owner of the website and ask them to provide links. These types of backlinks are preferred by small businesses that have just started their websites.

Self-Created Links

Now, this type of link we do not recommend you to use. The owner of the website creates these links to confuse the search engine.

Winding Up

Indeed, link building is one of the most crucial points you need to keep in mind while performing SEO on your website. We have explained all the good and bad links that you need to add on and off your website. Hopefully, this helped.

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