Top Tips To Be Kept In Mind While Applying For Partner Visas

Are you trying to get a partner visa in Australia approved? It is a prudent idea to hire a migration agent Perth. However, to increase the success of your visa application, you must know some more tips. Follow this post to learn more about improving your chances of lodging a successful partner visa application. 

    1. Choose The Right Partner Visa

You will find that there are several partner visas that you can apply for. It is normal to get confused when you have so many visa options in front of you. You need to know in detail about the different visas before making your decision. Take a glimpse at some of the common Australian partner visas. 

Subclass 300

The prospective marriage visa subclass 300 allows people to enter the country to marry their fiancé. The applicant will be eligible only if they have the intent to marry. The applicant must have met and know their future spouse. 

It is mandatory for the applicant to meet the health and character requirements before entering the country. The minimum age to apply for the subclass 300 visa is 18 years. The marriage must occur within nine months from the date the visa is granted. 

Subclass 309

The partner visa subclass 309 permits the spouse of any Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen to stay within the territory of Australia. Your marriage needs to be valid according to Australian law. 

You require parental permission if you are 16 or 17 years old. The visa can be obtained even if you are in a de facto relationship with any Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen. However, the de facto relationship needs to be of minimum one year.

Subclass 100

The permanent partner visa 100 has the same features and eligibility criteria as subclass 309. But with subclass 100, you can live in Australia permanently. 

Subclass 309 is a temporary visa. It allows you to reside in the country until and unless a decision is taken regarding your permanent visa 100. 

Subclass 820

The partner visa subclass 820 will allow you to stay in Australia if you are married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. You can also get a subclass 820 visa if you are in a de facto relationship. 

You need to be inside Australia while making the application. For that, you need to hold a working visa such as a student visa or even a visitor visa. You cannot have a further stay condition during the time of the application. 

Subclass 820 is a temporary visa that will allow you to stay for some time. You can become eligible for the permanent partner visa subclass 801 after 24 months of stay in the country with partner visa subclass 820

    2. Don’t Assume That Your Visa Will Get Approved For Sure

Not even a partner visa application has a guaranteed chance of getting approved. You need to meet all the individual requirements of the partner visa you are applying for. If you are unable to give necessary evidence, the authorities have every right to cancel your application. 

The Australian Department of Home Affairs will assess your relationship. You need to have the ability to demonstrate genuineness and commitment to your relationship. In the case of a de facto relationship, you need to prove that you have lived together for at least 12 months.

But a registered relationship does not require additional evidence of the 12-month stay. You need to provide proof of you living together with your partner but not necessarily for 12 months. 

Eligibility Criteria For Registering A Relationship In Australia

Both the partners are required to be over the age of 18. None of the partners can be in any other relationship. This means that they cannot be married, in a de facto relationship or in a registered relationship. 

The two partners can in no way be related by family. It is also possible for same-sex couples to register their relationship. A registered relationship gets many benefits during the immigration process. 

    3. Let Your Family And Friends Aware Of The Relationship

Any immigration agent in Perth will recommend you to make your relationship known to friends and family. It helps in proving to the immigration authorities that you are in a genuine and continuing relationship with your partner. 

Letters of support from close friends and family members will automatically increase your chances of getting the visa application approved. Photos of your partner and you at events go a long way in proving the authenticity of your relationship.

    4. Maintain Regular Communication With Your Partner

It is crucial for you to maintain regular communication with your partner, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. You should strive to maintain records of your contact with your partner. It helps in proving the duration of your relationship. 

You can also show the immigration officer the nature of your relationship. To get your visa application approved, you need to convince the immigration officer of the degree of commitment in your relationship. Your relationship will seem more genuine when you can show evidence of regular communication. 

    5. Share Finances

A significant factor in proving the genuineness of your relationship is finances. If you and your partner share and manage finances together, you can prove to the immigration officer the committed nature of your relationship. 

It is extremely wise to open a joint bank account with your partner. You can cover several expenses from the bank account, such as paying rent or buying groceries. If you don’t have a joint account, show proof of money transfer from your account to your partner’s. 

    6. Update Address On Your Bills And Mails

The visa applicant must live together with their partner to get a partner visa approved in Australia. You should not live separately permanently. The evidence of staying together can be provided by having bills and mails at the same address. Evidence of joint residency goes a long way in proving the genuineness of a relationship. 

    Top Tips To Be Kept In Mind While Applying For Partner Visas

You might be required to wait a long time for the second stage of the partner visa to get processed. During that time, it is essential for you to maintain a record of your relationship. 

The Department is most likely to ask for proof regarding the continuity of your relationship. Photos of you and your partners at social events and vacations can be good evidence. 

    8. Decision-ready Applications

The processing time of partner visas can range up to several years. But the processing time can be shortened with the help of decision-ready applications. In such applications, all necessary documents are submitted beforehand. Submitting the required documents prevents the case officer from asking for further documents. 

If the immigration officer requests additional documents, the processing time can increase by a considerable amount of time. Therefore, a decision-ready application can eliminate the chance of further delays in the processing time of your partner visa application. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucial for you to lodge a partner visa application with adequate time in hand, as it can take years to get processed. You need to be honest in the application to avoid further complications during the immigration process.              

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