Stormlikes Tips For Growing Instagram Following

Mere presence of your business on Instagram isn’t enough. If you want to derive more value from your account to make it worth your time, it’s important for you to engage the followers. However, you need followers to work towards increasing effective engagement.

Gaining followers isn’t easy as you need to make some effort in order to attract followers. It takes a lot of time to grow your followers on this social media platform. However, consistent effort and a solid strategy should allow you to make Instagram one of the stars of your social media tool belt for your business.

Stormlikes is an Instagram growth and promotion service that helps people generate engagement metrics for their Instagram accounts. You can buy real followers and likes and they’re delivered in minutes, making it incredibly easy to grow an account, quickly. We discussed this piece with them and then formulated our own thoughts on how to grow your Instagram following.

Tips for Growing Instagram Following

1. Consistently Post High Quality Content

There was a time when you needed an expensive camera to take amazing photos combined with good photographic skills but these days, your smartphone is as good as one of the more expensive camera options. However, merely clicking photos on your cell phone doesn’t make them high quality.

You should always take out a few minutes to make your photos look much more professional and eye-catching before posting them on Instagram. We have a good list of tools available for some basic photo editing. You also have the option of using a popular app such as Instasize. However, don’t dwell too much on editing everything. In many cases, you only have to tweak contrast and exposure to make it look professional.

Your content will help you stand apart from other businesses that do not put in any effort in the content they upload on this photo sharing platform. With consistent effort and the help of Stormlikes, you should gain Instagram followers.

Take a look at this example where the photographer has put too much effort into photo editing. This is a photo I uploaded on the platform around 2010. At that time, I didn’t understand the importance of just the right editing.

2. Keep Track of Hashtags in Your Industry

Instagram is a social network and encourages formation of communities around shared interests. I have met several people on the platform with shared interests. I discovered them when going through their content such as dreadlocks or videography. I follow the users if I like their content and similarly, they follow me back.

We also regularly comment on each other’s photos. By keeping track of hashtags related to your industry, you should be able to grow your community on the platform over a period of time by making relevant connections.

In order to increase your followers, you will first need to follow others. Find out accounts in your industry such as those of similar businesses and thought leaders in your industry. Stay away from direct competition.

Another way to find interested users is to find accounts that follow accounts posting content similar to yours, or they may be following accounts in your industry. In addition, create buyer personas in order to discover your target audience on the platform and follow those accounts too.

One big advantage of following these accounts is that they often follow back. If you make efforts on engaging them, they will also engage with you.

3. Make Use of Contests

Contests are a great way to increase your following according to Stormlikes. One way to gain traction on the platform is to partner with another business account in your industry.

Partner with them to create a contest or giveaway where users need to follow both the accounts to enter the contest. It will help you in quickly gaining followers as the users who fit into similar buyer personas will follow both accounts.

4. Account Promotion

Put effort into promoting your Instagram account. If you are like most other businesses, you must have this habit of including your Facebook account on all your content and brand materials as everyone else is on Facebook too. You should know that Instagram has now become more popular, especially for US teens. In fact, Instagram is better when it comes to engagement and content sharing suggest Stormlikes.

So, don’t forget to promote your Instagram account on your online content, product packaging or any other way you promote your social media accounts. If you put that much effort into your Instagram account, there is no harm in showing it off.

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