Informative Guide on How to Write a Research Essay

Research essay writing is similar to essay writing but requires deeper research, data collections and analysis to identify important points based on which reporting can be done. Today there are many research essay help services available on the internet but understanding the fundamental components of essay writing will ensure you compile the best essays. Essay writing is a skill developed over time meaning that each essay you write will improve your writing skills. Below is the procedure all research essay writers must follow but the below flow may differ based on individual research writer preferences.

Understand the assignment

The first step involved in any writing project involves first understanding the research writing assignment. There are various types of written assignments including essays, reports, reflections, reviews, summary thesis and dissertation among others. Each of this written assignment requires the writer to follow specific research, reporting and formatting guidelines. Research essay guidelines will differ from normal essays and may require the inclusion of paragraph headings, references and citations as well as require specific writing font’s styles and sizes to be used.

Choose a research paper topic

The next step involves choosing a suitable research topic. Research topic selection is considered as being among the most important steps towards preparing a good research paper and top ranked essay help services will suggest topics. It is advised to select a topic of personal interest falling within the subject paradigm. This helps reduce the research and data collection efforts needed to compile materials. It also helps improve the quality of essay as the individual already has good knowledge on the topic.

Conduct preliminary research

Once the essay research topic has been identified, the next step is to perform preliminary research to understand other researcher’s views on the topic which can be infused with your own ideas. Preliminary research helps broaden the researchers’ understanding of the topic based on which accurate reporting can be done.

Create a research paper outline

With the research ideas identified, you need to move on to prepare the research essay paper outline. This will consist of the research points to be covered which would need to be reorganized in a systematic manner depending on the research and reporting process. Make sure you understand the research topic process flow which needs to be followed to make the essay flow smoothly and make it easy for the reader to follow.

Draft the research paper

With the research points identified and organized, you need to begin drafting the research paper. Research paper writing requires a clear introduction and conclusion summarizing the paper contents. This means you need to begin drafting the body sections of the essay. This is an approach used by professional research essay services after which the essay content can be summarized on the introduction and conclusion.

Drafting the body text

Begin by writing the heading to be used on the essay, which delivers an organized platform on which the essay can be written. It is important to use heading as they allow the research writer to focus on reporting only content falling under that particular heading which is essential towards preventing the writer from drifting away from the topic. This topic focused content which will retain the reader’s attention.

Drafting the introduction and conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are considered as being the most important part of a research essay. The introduction and conclusion content should consist of approximately 20% of the total research essay word count. This makes it important to ensure the body content is concise and to the point.

The Introduction

The introduction is the first part of an essay people read and the one which would determine whether the reader will retain their interest and continue or would move on to the next paper. The introduction is written last as it allows the rewriter to complete the essay and determine the main points discussed on the paper. These points can then be infused to the introduction to deliver a clear overview of the research essay. Writing introductions first may result in conflict between the information presented on the introduction and the information within the body. This makes it important for the researcher to first complete the body based on which the introduction can be compiled.

The conclusion

Similar to the introduction the conclusion also needs to be written after the body section has been completed as it allows the research to determine important research points which needs to be included to the summery of findings and recommendations.  The conclusion will provide a summary and recommendation based on previous research as well as you own opinion relating the research topic.

Proofread the research essay

Proofreading is the next important step. It’s advised to take a break after writing and leave the research essay altogether for several hours or a day or two depending on your deadline constrains before proofreading. Proofreading needs to be done with a fresh mind and accuracy levels greatly diminish immediately after writing. Professional research essay services will require research writers to have an offer time between writing and proofreading as this greatly improved concentration and accuracy.

Format your Research Essay

The final step is formatting the research essay as per you assignment requirement guidelines. The standard formatting guidelines require Times new Roman Font size 12 with 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing. It’s also important to use a white background and Black text to deliver maximum contracts making the research essay easy to read. The above guidelines are commonly used but each research essay project is unique and will have a set of formatting guidelines to be followed. The above steps are an accurate guide based on which research essay services prepare their projects and this technique is not limited to research essays but can also be used to prepare other research writing projects. Essay writing is a skill each person must focus on building over time and practice plays any important role in building writing skills. Research writing is a skill each person must develop as it plays an important role in the professional world.

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