How To troubleshoot the Quickbooks Firewall Error [Quick Methods]

When QuickBooks reports an error stating, “Error: Cannot connect to the company file because of a firewall,” then you have the QuickBooks Firewall Error. Firewall users often experience this error. If this is the case, the network firewall is interfering with incoming/outgoing communication. Since QuickBooks Firewall is a software application, it is susceptible to errors. This is due to the third-party firewall’s restrictions on QuickBooks. To help you with this, we have a solutions guide for you to permanently fix the QuickBooks Firewall Error. But before going to the troubleshooting solutions, we must have a basic understanding of this QBs error.

Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks Error: Triggers to Identify

There can be several reasons why QuickBooks Multi-User mode doesn’t work. For basic triggers to early identify such errors, you need to read below.

  • There is a problem with the installation of the firewall.
  • An incorrect setting on the server caused the connection to be lost.
  • An incorrect DNS setting.
  • In QuickBooks, the database server manager stops running.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop software freezes from time to time.

Solutions to Allow QuickBooks Through Firewall 

You now may have a basic understanding of the issue, so let’s move onto the solutions. Some of the solutions described below can automatically resolve QuickBooks firewall-related issues. Please ensure that all QuickBooks updates are up to date before using these solutions.

Method 1: QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Try QuickBooks File Doctor, which can fix this problem instantly.
  • Get the QuickBooks file doctor tool and install it.
  • Next, install this tool and run it.
  • It will auto-detect the QuickBooks Firewall error and fix it within a few moments.

Method 2: Change the Firewall & Antivirus Settings

Multi-user mode in QuickBooks is generally not working due to a firewall or antivirus. Setting up exceptions in the QuickBooks settings and allowing QuickBooks to transfer information will fix the problem. Check your antivirus for solutions.

  • Go to the Control panel, then select Windows firewall, then click Enter.
  • Press the Windows firewall option to allow the app through.
  • On the change settings screen, check the box next to the public list for QuickBooks app.
  • To make the application public, select OK and then hit on the public button.
  • If the errors are fixed, try running QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Method 3: Adding Firewall Exception

Firewall exceptions are sometimes needed in the QuickBooks program because Windows’ Firewall obstructs the application at times. Adding an exception to the Firewall for QuickBooks is as simple as following the instructions below.

  • Click on Start and type “Firewall”.
  • Open Windows Firewall.
  • Choose Advanced Settings.
  • Select New Rule under Inbound Rules.
  • Next, choose Program.
  • Choose Browse from the Program Path menu.
  • Choose a path from the list, then click Next.
  • Choose Next again after checking Allow the Connection
  • Click Next when you’ve checked all the profiles.
  • You can then name your rule and click on Finish.
  • For the Outbound Rules, you can also follow the steps above.
  • The problem may have been resolved if you open QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode or if you open your network.

Method 4: Check the Firewall Settings

  • Be sure QuickBooks has permission to use your firewall.
  • To find out the specific steps, contact your firewall provider.
  • The setup should be working if QuickBooks and the company file can be accessed over your network.

Correct Windows Firewall Disabled Quickbooks

When reading QuickBooks Windows Firewall Disabled Exceptions Not Defined, don’t get confused as it is easy to fix. Keep reading to prevent this error in the future.

Look for Monitor Files

  • Ensure all windows are minimized and click Startup.
  • Run the search and look for the .msc file.
  • Locate and open service.msc. You will get two service files: QuickBooksDB25 & QBCFMonitor.
  • Now, right-click on the files and select the properties tab to restart them. Choose the automatic tab, then click “start.” Repeat for the other file.

Give the Server a Name

To do this, right-click on the My-Computer tab and select Properties from the drop-down menu. This will display the computer name.

Test it on Another Computer

  • From a different PC, sign into your Quickbooks account and click on the ‘restore company’ option and then select the ‘open company’ option.
  • In the new window, find the server name, tap on it, and hit enter.
  • Open the shared folder now. Your QuickBooks company file will appear.
  • Upon finding the file, select the multi-user mode and click the open file button.
  • Now the problem should be fixed.

Setting up Folder Permissions

  • To share a folder, select it.
  • Right-click it to access the properties tab.
  • Select the radio button next to “Share this folder” and click the sharing button.
  • Select the securities option and the permissions tab will appear. Make your selection.

Last Say

Our support guide is an informative article for all the users looking to kick out QuickBooks Firewall Error from their system. From triggers of this error to the quick solutions, our content has it all. We hope you will easily follow our instructions guide & clear such existing QBs errors. In case you are unable to go through our methods, you must connect with us and take expert assistance 24×7.

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