How to Study for the IIT JEE in Class 12 and Handle Board Exams

IIT JEE 12th class study tips

The quality of your class 11 concepts determines your IIT-JEE preparation in class 12. Did you study well in class 11 and finish all of the JEE topics? If so, class 12 topics will be a little easier for you. On the other hand, if you squandered class 11 and did not study properly, you will have to work even harder to complete the class 11 and 12 curriculum in one year.

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How to Prepare for the IIT JEE in Class 12?

Best IIT JEE study tips for class 12:

Examine the IIT-JEE syllabus to determine which topics you already covered in class 11. After you have completed all of the topics and chapters in class 11, you can begin studying topics in class 12.

If you still have backlogs from class 11, you must plan your schedule so that you do not fall behind in your current class 12 topics while also attempting to cover your backlogs from class 11.

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Make a simple timetable that accounts for all three subjects. Follow no one else’s study schedule. You should be aware of the best time for you to study.

Meet your daily, weekly, and monthly goals:

Make a list of important terms, formulas, reactions, errors made while solving problems, and so on. Include your own tricks and shortcuts.

Every day, revise. Don’t put off revision until the last month; it’s an ongoing process.

Conceptual knowledge, practise, speed, and accuracy are all important. Time management is essential. You should give each section – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics – adequate attention. In your tests and exams, prioritise the subject with which you are most familiar.

Analyze your test and identify any errors that occur. Correct those errors (with the assistance of teachers) and avoid repeating them in future tests.

Avoid using multiple books and materials to study. If you have enrolled in a coaching programme, your IIT-JEE study material should be sufficient to cover the syllabus.

In JEE preparation, quality is more important than quantity.

Maintain your focus and concentration until the end of your IIT-JEE preparation

You’ve learned how to study for JEE in class 12, so now it’s time to answer some questions from JEE aspirants.

JEE Preparation in Class 12 – Frequently Asked Questions

After wasting 11th grade, what is the best way to prepare for the IIT-JEE in 12th grade?

If you squandered your 11th grade, begin preparing for JEE in 12th grade by devoting 70% of your time to class 12 syllabus and 30% to class 11 backlog every day.

Is a 12th-grade education sufficient for JEE?

No, a 12th grade education is insufficient for JEE. Both classes 11 and 12 are important for JEE.

Can I get into JEE with only a class 12 diploma?

No, it is nearly impossible to pass JEE by studying only the class 12 syllabus. JEE paper gives equal weightage to class 11 and 12 syllabi, with a few exceptions.

In class 12, how many hours should a JEE aspirant study?

A JEE aspirant must study a minimum of 6-8 hours per week in class 12 (excluding coaching and school hours). However, the number of study hours for JEE can vary depending on the student’s ability.

How to Handle Board Exams and the IIT JEE in Class 12?

Board exams primarily assess knowledge, whereas IIT JEE questions assess application of knowledge.

Acquiring knowledge with clear concepts will help you pass your exams. JEE Main and JEE Advanced necessitate more practise, speed, accuracy, and time management skills when employing various results and tricks.

You must be adaptable when answering questions for board exams and IIT JEE. Board exams use a step-by-step marking scheme, and you must write in points, flowcharts, and diagrams as part of your answers. In JEE, you simply want the answer in the shortest amount of time using rough calculations.

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