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How To Eradicate Rodents From Your Property

Having rodents on your property can be a challenge for the owner.  So, here are a few tips of eliminating the rodents from your property.    

1. Hire professionals for pest inspection-

If you want to find out whether there are any rodents in your property, then you need to hire experts for pest inspection and find out the location, food sources and entry points of the rodents. You might have to focus on the less visited areas of your home to make things easier for you.  After the experts determine the entrances of rats, it becomes easier for you to know the access points from where the rats are accessing the house, thereafter, you can seal the entry points by using traps and baits.

2. Seal all the gaps and cracks in your walls-

All types of rodents are much agile and can squeeze themselves even from the tiniest of holes and gaps in the walls of your property. So, you need to be much more mindful and make sure that all the entry and exit points of these rodents are sealed efficiently so that these animals are stopped from entering your home.  

3. Clear the garbage-

Rodents grow in a cluttered area. So, you might need to clean up the mess around your home and eradicate the unnecessary factors from your property.  You might have to rat control Perth and connect with the professionals and call them to help you in eradicating the mice, rats, and other pesky creatures. 

4. Use baits and traps for catching rodents-

Using harsh chemicals and pesticides for eliminating rodents is not a humane option. So, you might consider trapping the rats and leaving them away from your home.  So, you can use traps and baits which are relatively humane and chemical-free methods for eradicating the rats and for lessening their population. As baits, you might consider using fruits such as apples, bananas, some peanut butter, seeds or some grains of rice and wheat. 

Also, you might hire commercial pest control Perth services for eradicating the rats and other irritating pests from your property.  

5. Use the natural methods for deterrence of the rats-

Here are a few home remedies that can be used for the deterrence of rats. Also, you can use ingredients like pepper, peppermint oil, black pepper, cloves or mint for stopping the rats from stepping into your home. Also, you can spread these substances in or around the home for stopping the entry of rats in your property. As rats hate the scent of these ingredients, they can get discouraged from stepping in the space of your home or office. However, ensure that you keep your pets secure from these ingredients.  

You can also call us right away and understand more about rat control Perth to get more tips and tricks and connect you with consistent professionals for commercial pest control Perth

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