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How To Clean Your Kitchen You Prevent Bugs And Rodents From Taking Over

Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. However, some annoying and pesky insects can enter your kitchen and turn it into a nightmare. These pests are attracted to the food leftovers which accidentally spill on floors. Especially, rodents are attracted to the spilt food particles. If you spot any rodents in your kitchen, then it is important to hire professional rodent control Adelaide services. 

If you are someone who is facing a similar problem, then here are some tips for you. 

1. Keep fresh basil leaves to keep fleas away-

Fruit fleas can be annoying. To keep them away, you can put some fresh basil plants near the windows of your kitchen. The smell keeps the pest at bay, besides making your kitchen smell fresh and nice all day long.

2. Use coffee grounds and vinegar to stay away from ants- 

If you see some ants moving around in your kitchen, then you can sprinkle some coffee beans around the potential entry points of the ants.  This can stop them from entering your kitchen and damaging your pests. Another way to stop ants from entering your home is to use vinegar, peppermint, or citronella to wipe all the edges and also the walls.

3. Bay leaves or termites-

Using dry bay leaves is amazing for staying away from termites and silverfish which might crawl inside your kitchen cabinets.  You can consider keeping a few bay leaves in the cabinet corners or make sachets with scrap cloth and hang those in your wooden cabinets. In case you are looking for a strong smell, then you can add some cinnamon sticks to the sachets.

4. Use a lemon spray to keep spiders away-

Prepare a natural spray mixed with soapy water and essential oils of orange or orange. This spray can help you to stay away from spiders, moths and other pests from entering your kitchen.  

5. Use eucalyptus oil to stay away from pesky pests-

The eucalyptus oil has a pungent, sweet smell which can keep the pests away. You might consider using it in an undiluted form for wiping the platforms of your kitchens. This can work for repelling the pests. You can also use it in a diluted form by mixing it with water and spraying it around the pest-infested space. Doing this can help you to get rid of these unwanted pests. If you use this oil mixed with water, then this water will dry away and this oil will evaporate in the air and keep the fleas and other insects away from your kitchen. 

Apart from kitchen, other parts of your home can also get infested by pesky creatures. If your bedroom is infested by bed bugs, then you can hire professional bed bug control Adelaide for dealing with these annoying critters. 

Although these DIY methods are effective for keeping the pests away, there are some other methods for eliminating pests. Here we have listed them-

  • Clean your home regularly
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home
  • Use environment-friendly pest control solutions to make your home pest-free
  • Hire professional rodent control Adelaide 
  • Hire bed bug pest control Adelaide 

You can also connect with us for more tips and tricks for pest control Adelaide. 

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