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How Does The RF Cavitation Lipo Laser Machine Lose Weight?

The s-shape cavitation lipo machine is one of the most advanced equipment in the market. It is mainly used to remove fat and tighten skin.

The functions of losing weight:

This machine uses high-frequency energy to heat and destroys fat cells. The RF energy makes the fat cells explode. The ultrasound vibration then liquefies the destroyed fat, which can then be flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. The 30k cavitation effect also improves blood circulation and releases excess water from under the skin, to tighten your skin.

The LCD screen on the machine enables you to manipulate settings for different parts of your body, including abdomen and flanks, buttocks, arms, and legs, back, face (jawline), neck, and shoulders.

The shape cavitation RF lipo laser machine has been clinically proven to reduce your weight by up to 5kg per month! It works by melting away body fat as well as tightening your skin to give you a slimmer physique – all within just four weeks! And because it only targets fat cells, it destroys them without affecting other tissue in your body.

How to use the shape cavitation RF lipo laser machine to lose weight?

Using the machine to lose weight is relatively simple. There are several steps. They are:

1) Take an epidermis measurement of the abdomen circumference and then take an epidermis measurement of the waistline circumference.

2) Set the number of sessions and the energy output according to your epidermis measurements and desired results (1 session=1-2 hour).

3) During each session, wear a water-soluble gel pad or a water-soluble plastic wrap on the belly area. When using a plastic wrap, you may also wear a water-soluble garment on top of it. The plastic wrap is worn to prevent leakage as well as to protect clothing from getting wet.

4) When you feel warm, remove the plastic wrap or gel pad, apply some cooling gel and then continue treatment. It is best to use a cooling gel after every 20 minutes during each session.

5) Use this machine 2~3 times per week until you achieve your desired results.

6) At present, there are many people who have successfully used this machine to lose weight and get rid of their belly fat!

7) After using the machine, you must do the massage to help the fat cells be absorbed by the body. You can do it by yourself or ask someone else to help you.

8) Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and eat well after the treatment, so that your body can absorb all nutrients from food, maintain good health and keep a great figure!

One of the greatest benefits of lipo laser is that it can help your body to eliminate old fat cells and replace them with new ones. As you continue to lose weight, your body may keep trying to regain those lost pounds. But with lipo laser, you are helping your body to maintain its ideal weight by replacing the fat cells that have gone away.

In order to avoid the physique being deformed, local anesthesia is used, because it can achieve the lymphatic drainage, accelerate the reduction of subcutaneous fat, improve blood circulation while damaging less connective tissue. Meanwhile, the effect of shape cavitation RF lipo laser machine is obvious and rapid. What’s more, there is no obvious scarring or skin lifting after treatment. And soon after the clothing is resumed, you can clearly see that the body configuration is improved and you are getting thinner, wrinkle free and shiny!

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