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How Do I Send Someone A Cake?

Giving cake to someone we love is something fun. Cakes can not only be given on someone’s birthday. But cakes can also be given to someone as an anniversary gift, a gift for the sick, a gift for a colleague, and other interests.

Cakes also have many types. There is a chiffon cake that is soft, smooth, and light like a sponge, which is made from low protein flour, sugar, eggs, coconut milk, and other ingredients. There are soft steamed brownies with a fragrant chocolate taste. The steamed brownies also have a layer of melted chocolate marble. In addition, there are roll cakes, layer cakes, and caramel cakes.

The most commonly given cake is a tart. This cake is often given to birthday people. It was the ancient Egyptians who initiated the tart as a birthday cake. They consider the coronation ceremony of the king of Ancient Egypt as the day of birth. Then, the Ancient Greeks followed suit but added one thing, which was to serve a dessert in the form of a moon-shaped cake to be presented to Artemis. The cake is accompanied by a lit candle so that it glows like the moon. Furthermore, today’s modern birthday celebrations have their roots in a celebration in medieval Germany called Kinderfeste. It is said that if a child has a birthday, in the morning he will be given a cake with an arrangement of candles on it according to the number of his age plus 1. One extra candle is a symbol of the light of life that symbolizes hope for the next 1 year.

Sending Cakes By Expedition Service

You can do this method if you want to send a cake out of town. Many expeditions accept delivery of cakes or food of any kind out of town. However, you must first read the terms and conditions provided by the expedition service. Because usually, food delivery has some rules.

Currently, sending food is a way of expressing affection with loved ones who are far away from us so that they can be a release from longing through the cooking of loved ones.

However, the delivery process is often a concern in sending food over long distances. Especially by sending food out of town, which requires a longer delivery time. Therefore, many things must be considered so that the food you send can be safely maintained until it reaches its destination.

In sending cakes, you have to pay attention to how to package them. Pack it in a cardboard box and tell the expedition it’s a cake so they’ll be more careful. If the cake to be sent is layered or tiered with a decent height, use support to keep the cake sturdy. If you are sending a small cookie such as cheesecake, give it some parchment paper before adding the second layer to prevent the cake from crumbling. You can also provide a paper base for each cake to make it more secure. You also have to pay attention to the time and how long the delivery will take. Choose a short delivery package. Many courier services have a one-day delivery package option.

If the cake you sent is a wet cake or a cake with frosting such as a birthday cake, put the cake in the refrigerator before sending it so that the temperature is maintained. When the cake will be sent, just remove the cake from the refrigerator to be sent immediately. Thus, the condition of the cake remains fresh during delivery.

Buying Cake on Flower Advisor

Flower Advisor provides cake buying and delivery services for someone you love. You don’t have to bother buying cakes and then sending them through an expedition service again. You just need to buy it on Flower Advisor and fill in the shipping address. Your cake will reach your destination safely.

Actually, there are many Cake delivery singapore that you can choose from. Don’t let you mess up the desire you already have. Especially if you are outside Singapore. Of course, you want to give the best for your loved ones.

Flower Advisor is an online florist in Singapore that offers delivery of flowers or gifts in other forms on the same day or the next day. You can even send it overseas or around the world.

We accept delivery of gifts including cakes within 24 hours. There are various kinds of cakes that you can choose from on our site.

Tips for Choosing Cakes for Your Loved Ones

Everyone certainly has their own taste. Choose according to their taste. Suppose you are going to give a cake to a child, then choose one that suits the tastes of the children. Not only that, but you also have to adjust the birthday cake to its age.

It’s good you also have to pay attention to the funds or budget and you also shouldn’t be too much. Therefore, make sure the cake you buy is sufficient and does not drain your wallet too much.

Besides cake, you can also give me chocolate. Since ancient times, chocolate has been considered a romantic food and can make other people feel happy. As with cakes and flowers, you can also get chocolate at chocolate delivery Singapore.

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