Gojek Clone – 70+ On-Demand Multi-services with Latest Features September 2021

The demand for the multi-services app is growing and it seems Gojek Clones are primarily the best alternatives. Gojek Clone is aimed to fulfill your household needs with 70+ on-demand services along with New September Features 2021.

Wait! What? New Features? Well, integrating your Gojek Clone App with the latest features of September 2021 can help you get ahead in the business competition.

Gojek Clone App has exclusive Add-ons that aids in the betterment of the business.

Gojek Clone  – Exclusive Latest September Features 2021

  • Restricted driver’s fraud enables the drivers to mark “Arrive” status when they are near the destination. The Admin can set the meters/feet distance to prevent this app.
  • Location-wise push notification allows the app owner to send alerts and notifications to the users for selected locations.
  • The Admin can re-assign the delivery driver to complete the pending delivery orders. This happens when the delivery driver has:
  • The order is ready and there are no delivery drivers
  • The delivery driver has rejected the delivery request
  • The driver has rejected the request after confirming the orders
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings feature allows the restaurant owners to add multiple options and toppings.Thus increase the revenue profits.
  • One store’s multiple categories allow the store owner to list under multiple categories.
  • The advanced rating allows the user to provide detailed feedback and ratings for the food items delivered and delivery drivers.
  • Location wise banners allow the admin to put the banner ads/promotional banners for the users placed in specific locations
  • Advanced detail service search allows the user to search services based on the keywords reducing the work of scrolling long.
  • Using firebase for mobile number verification can reduce the expenditure which was expensive by integrating 3rd party apps.
  • SKU code is added that helps store owners and restaurants to identify the specific items quickly
  • The Cookie Consent Popup feature alerts the user about the use of cookies on your website complying with GDPR & EU Cookie Directive. It can disable it from Back End if you don’t need it.         
  • Free delivery promo code is the feature where the app owner will offer promo codes for the specific stores that users can avail. This is a toggle tab that can be kept on/off accordingly.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other advanced-level features available with Gojek Clone App.

  • The restricted passenger limit feature allows strict following of the pandemic rules.
  • The recently added face mask verification feature asks the driver to upload the selfie into the app, confirming the face mask.
  • The new safety review feature allows the rider to put the ratings based on the precautionary measure the driver followed
  • This latest ride cancellation option allows the driver and rides both to cancel the ride if either of them are not following the pandemic norms.
  • The app features a dual-way fare calculation that can be set either on two modes – estimated fare showed before the ride began and as per the route traveled by taxi.
  • Graphical icon status allows users to know about their order status on a real-time basis.
  • Voice note for delivery driver guides the delivery driver with the routes as well as delivery instructions.
  • Every location has different timing restrictions. The day-wise separate time slot has a feature that allows the store owners/restaurant to manage their schedule with ease.

In Conclusion

The Gojek Clone is revived with the latest September 2021 features that are focused to improve the workflow and ease performance.

The app development company provides you with a white-label solution that offers compatibility and increased performance. The Gojek clone, with its multi-facet facilities, is ready to take the huge leap. So, don’t wait much, this is the right time to develop the Best Gojek Clone App for your business.

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