Exclusive Tips For Choosing The Best Smart Light Bulb For Home!

In the modern world, smart light bulbs have become very popular. Nowadays, you can change your standard incandescent bulb with a mix of related solutions. You can control the bulbs by using a smartphone or tablet. Some bulbs also attach with virtual assistants and smartwatches. So they can be regulated from your voice or wrist with only the sound. 

However, with so many alternatives bombing the smart home market. So often, people get confused about which one is right for them. So, we have collected some quality intelligent bulbs to help you decide.

Smart Light Bulbs:

One of the best and reasonable ways to relate to intelligent home technology is smart light bulbs. Here are some reviews of the top smart light bulbs.

Smart Philips Bulb:

The Philips dimmable light bulb is also a very affordable light. It offers a lot of alternatives for third-party connection and customization. It connects via Wi-Fi for remote app control. It functions with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Siri shortcuts, Amazon Alexa, etc. This bulb supports light tones, scenes, and schedules, etc. 

It is a hub-free LED you can monitor from your phone easily. However, this bulb has a critical Wi-Fi setup and app control in testing.

Yeelight Smart Led Bulb:

Yeelight is a beautiful color LED bulb that you can regulate with your voice or phone. It does not require a hub, and it supports Homekit, voice commands. It is reasonably priced and has nice lighting effects. This bulb works with Apple HomeKit, IFTTT and supports Alexa, Google, Siri voice commands. It also has scheduling and timer options like other lights. However, it does not support different intelligent home settings.

Single light bulb:

The Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED is a reasonably priced color light bulb. It connects quickly to your Wi-Fi network and can be regulated with your phone and voice. It is a hub-free light. It has a good color quality and works quickly. However, there is a con to it, that is, it lacks Apple HomeKit support.

The Wyze Bulb Color:

Wyze Smart bulb color is well known for its extra features. For example, it has good home security cameras. Moreover, at an affordable price, you can get this bulb which is a tunable white light.

Despite its low price, it delivers many features, including a strong Wi-Fi connection, support for Amazon Alexa and googles assistant voice commands, flexible white color temperatures, scheduling alternatives, etc.

 It is simple to install and does not employ a hub. This bulb is a cheap white LED light that you can regulate with your phone, voice, and tons of other innovative home tools. This light is bright and dimmable. It has hub-free app control. It can be set up singly or as a group. It supports automation, policy scenes, lists, and sleep routines, etc.

Philips Hue Bluetooth White Bulb:

The Philips hue comes in a white color ambiance. It is a bright LED bulb that you can regulate with your phone and voice without a hub. 

It is too easy to install, has vibrant colors. It can be added to the hue ecosystem, but it is pretty expensive. In addition, it needs a hue bridge for the remote.

Smart Bulb Hues And Colors:

Color is a pleasant way to add atmosphere to your home. Some of the bulbs on this list are only white, and others can change to any rainbow color. Maximum smart bulbs reviews are marketed as the same as sixty-watt incandescent models. Therefore, few bulbs are brighter than others. To discern just how bright a light is, you require to look at the lumens.

Are The Smart Bulbs Expensive?

Smart bulbs have a variety of technologies to function. So they are commonly more costly than traditional bulbs. Yet, smart bulbs need less energy and last a lot longer. So, you can save money in the long run. 

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