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The era of creating an immersive experience is here where new-age inventions enhance the physical world through digital means. Augmented reality is one of the futuristic solutions to your emerging problems that implement visual elements with sensory stimuli to make your businesses grow overnight.

Automation is taking over industries creating a competitive advantage. In the previous articles, we have learnt about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it affects the mobile industry. Here we will be discussing Augmented Reality (AR) and the best AR mobile apps that enhance the user experience by indulging them in multiple activities. These apps build powerful processors with extraordinary mobile app features and graphics. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an example of an app that uses LiDAR sensors to develop and support robust AR environments. It no longer matters what type of device or hardware you are using, as AR allows implementation on any device. The increase in technological advancement will enable developers to mix the real and virtual world to increase their interest in gaming, social media and other utilities. These days, AR and AI consulting firms encourage businesses to develop their models to create a competitive environment. Let’s start with the implication of AR apps on iOS and Android.

The 7 Types of Augmented Reality Apps

  • Google Lens

Starting with Google, we all know what it is and how it helps us in everyday life. It made life easier for ordinary people, and the invention of Google Lens for Android and Ios Google Photos is the next best thing. The latest iteration of the Google Goggles concept enables the giant search with the help of a computing cloud that identifies text, objects, images and landmarks present in your pictures to avail more information through a fast and easy method. The standalone version of this app is available for Android users. If you want to build such an app, you can approach a software development firm that will guide you through the entire process and tell which app will be better for your business model.

  • Google Maps

Google enjoyed its invention and extended its AR implementation beyond photography to Google Maps. We use Google Maps to reach our destinations when we are confused about the lanes or visit somewhere new. It is the perfect example of an AR app that allows you to navigate to the destination of your choice through the most convenient and fast routes. The app uses virtual signs and direction arrows on the live maps from the starting point to your destination to guide you correctly and mitigate the chances of taking wrong turns and ending up being abandoned. Google Maps are free for everyone. You have to go tour PlayStore and download it. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

  • SketchAR

If you love drawing and art, you will love this app called SketchAR, especially made for people to kill time and enjoy the augmented reality features to the fullest. This app uses your smartphone screens as an AR drawing pad overlaying a sketch or line art image on some blank paper allowing you to trace over. Not only this, an AR and AI consulting firm enables you to choose from the vast library of sketches in the app, or you can use your pictures, transforming them into traceable line art images with this app. It requires an A4 size paper. The app is easily downloadable on Android or Ios devices.

  • Just a Line

Are you bored and don’t feel like going out? We have an app made especially for you, the ‘Just in Line’ app, that allows making doodles. Instead of searching for blank paper and pencil, you can now doodle on the app, making it easily accessible. Google used its own ARCore developer tool to build this app for Ios and Android users, bringing your drawings to life.

  • IKEA Place

The most used and well-known AR app is the IKEA Place app that experiments with furniture, allowing you to place it anywhere in your room to see how the room will look visually. The software development firm used improved AR tools to scan the floor with the phone, select various furniture designs, and place them with the drop and drag feature. The only drawback about this app is that it is only available for iOS users. It’s is a free app that can be easily downloaded and used anywhere.

  • Snapchat

If you are a social person, this might be the app you know so well about and nothing to be surprised about if you see it in the AR apps category. Snapchat is one of the most used apps downloaded and used by millions. Its extraordinary features let people enjoy multiple features. The hit among the user’s app award goes to Snapchat. It contains augmented reality elements like filters, real-time transformations and unique effects called lenses that allow you to add to Snapchat video messages and then send to your contact lists. What is unique about the lenses? The software development firm built lenses that transform your appearance into animals, swap faces with the person of your choice, or add fun-filled alterations. The highly-used AR app is available for both Android and Ios users for free.

  • Instagram

Another app that took social media by storm is Instagram.  It is similar to a few Snapchat features, allowing you to use AR filters with front and back cameras on your smartphones. It enables you to capture highly immersive videos and photos. The Instagram user can try various filters with crowns or can turn themselves into visual animals. This app is readily available for Android and Ios users for free worldwide.

In conclusion, many augmented reality apps are being used in daily lives without our knowledge, all because we fail to understand the types of AR apps. There are many software development firms that help build robust software for your mobile phones and other devices. Furthermore, you can select artificial intelligence apps with the help of AI consulting firms. It is high time now that we start transforming business models with such apps to increase the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

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