Drapery Calculator Software, An Automate Solution To Manage Your Business

Can you imagine how your business will get impacted if you go back to manual bookkeeping? On the same lines, Drapery Calculator Software is the buttress to the window covering industry. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business, this software will save the time of your workforce and let them work more efficiently on their core tasks. To remain competitive, the business needs to use the software, and here, we are sharing the snapshot of the benefits of using Calculator Software for your business.

Reduce Overall Operational Cost:

Making money is the only objective of every business. The more money the company makes, the more it will invest back into it for its future growth. The only way of making money is earning profits, increasing your sales, and cutting down on costs. So, Calculator Software will reduce the labor cost and will help the company to blow up its bottom line.

You don’t have to pay salaries for getting calculations done:

If the employees do a manual calculation using pen, paper, and a standard calculator, it takes hours to get completed. When the customer places the order and tells about its preferences and measurements, the fashion designer has to prepare the invoice for the order that involves calculations and eats a lot of productive hours of the designer or the store clerk. The company has to sometimes pay overtime to the store clerks or fashion designers for getting the calculations done so that they can serve the customers in no time. So, the manual calculations increase the cost to the company in terms of salaries paid but nowadays, when some customers prefer to buy Shutters and Blindsor other soft furnishings, the Calculator Software can do the calculations within minutes, making it easier for the designer and company to save its expenses. Now, the designer starts with his task and delivers the order to the customer much earlier.

Saving money in human errors:

According to research by Graham Edkins, every person makes 3 to 6 errors in an hour. These human errors are inevitable and so natural. When they happen in soft furnishing order calculations, the company has to compensate for the mistakes by undercharging the customers. But, it drives the company’s revenue figures down. So, automation in calculations will reduce the chances of human errors and, companies can earn more revenue.

You can save your customers from moving to your competitors:

When the customer places an order to buy Shutters and Blinds or other soft furnishings, it takes hours to do the calculations, and therefore, the company mails invoices to the customers. If the customer is dissatisfied with the invoice, he will move to the competitor to get the same items at a lesser price. But, automation of calculations will let the designer do the calculations within minutes and prepare the invoice before the customer leaves the showroom. It will leave room for the company to negotiate the price with the customer, retain it for now and the future as well.

Manage the workflow better:

Not only does the calculator software make calculations faster, but also helps the company to track the productivity of its employees, stock details, automated order management, customer relationship management, and whatnot.

Employees and the company can grow together:

People are the best asset to any business. When the company earns profits, it transfers profit to its employees by way of salaries or incentives. It increases the motivation of the employees towards their work. The Drapery Calculator Software not only boosts the revenue of the company but is beneficial for the employees. Moreover, once the order gets placed with the designer, it gets reflected in the system of the supervisor, and he can track the percentage of the order that got converted to sales. If the company is failing to convert enough orders, the supervisors can discuss the loopholes in the process with the employees so that corrective measures can get taken.


Digitalization is the new trend and the need of the hour. The window fashion industry also needs to automate its business process for smooth workflow and, Drapery Calculator Software can be of great help to them. It will cut on delivery time, costs and shoot up the bottom line of the companies.

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