Challenges Faced by Surrogates and How to Tackle Them

Surrogacy is rewarding yet challenging. Everyone involved in the process knows how it contributes to leading a fulfilling life. Becoming a surrogate mother is a wonderful gift, but it’s as physically demanding as any other pregnancy. 

You go through an emotional phase where you feel overwhelmed and want your dear ones by your side. It’s equally challenging on your body as you may feel restless sometimes. The medical tests may make you feel tired, or attending doctor’s appointments could seem like a task in itself. With that said, there’s always a solution for every problem.

Let’s discuss the challenges faced by a surrogate and how to tackle them.

Physical exertion

Being a surrogate is not easy. You have to take care of your health day and night to ensure that you don’t have to face health risks in the future. Attending medical appointments or meeting intended parents may seem exhausting. You may feel like walking more than required.

All this may result in physical exertion. You may feel burned out and tired. That’s why you should have a friend or a family member by your side to support you round the clock. If you plan to work with an international surrogacy center known for the best surrogacy teams, you may find it helpful. 

Weight-related issues

As said earlier, becoming a surrogate mother is tough. You may be at risk of gaining or losing weight. You may go through irritation and agitation due to it. And if you’re conscious about your health, it may take time to adjust to the routine. If you notice changes in your weight, it’s wise to consult your physician. They may suggest exercises or medicines that can help. 


As a surrogate mother goes through an emotional phase during her pregnancy, she may feel anxious or stressed. It’s best to keep a check on your blood pressure levels if it’s normal or you need immediate help. Keep healthy snacks with you all the time to avoid such risks. You can also consult an international surrogacy center so you can find better options to manage health issues. 

You can talk to your friends at length about the issues you face and how they can help you feel better. 

Emotional burst

In the previous point, we talked about a surrogate going through an emotional phase. During this time, one may feel the need to vent out or have an emotional outburst if something is bothering you. The idea is to clear the mind of any tension. In this scenario, it’s best to invite over a friend and speak your heart out. There’s a lot to becoming a surrogate mother. You should not feel panicked or stressed as the delivery time approaches. 


You may have heard about surrogates battling depression post-pregnancy. Well, it’s common with any pregnancy. There could be mood swings issues or low energy levels. What matters is how you manage stress during this time. As you may have to take care of the child, it’s crucial to find ways to be happy: take a walk outside for 15 minutes, do yoga and meditation, or talk to your friends and family. Do whatever makes you feel calm. 

These challenges are common in any pregnancy. However, if it’s about a surrogate mother, she may find it overwhelming for various reasons. With that said, collaborating with an international surrogacy center can help you avoid risks. They know their job well.

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