Best Curved Gaming Monitors – Finding an Affordable Price For an Advanced Screen

Curved gaming monitors are becoming increasingly popular in recent months, with their seemingly wraparound dual display offers a more real, and in some cases, even immersive gaming experience than standard flat screen monitors can offer. Gaming is all about being able to tell what is going on around you in the game; with curved monitors you can! In this article, we have put together a list of top recommended top-rated curved monitor models for you to consider. These are the most popular, at the time of writing, and we hope that by reading through these, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to one or two models that suit your needs perfectly. Either way, it will give you an edge on competing with other Rift players who may have been struggling to find the best gaming monitor yet.

Categories of monitors:

For starters, let’s go over the different options available with today’s best Curved Gaming Monitors. There are two main categories of monitors which fall under this category: LCD and LED. Each has their pros and cons, and there are also a few other sub-categories which are often thought to be just as useful. This article will cover the main two categories so you can make a well informed decision. However, before going into that, you should know that each type of monitor will have its pros and cons, which you should take into consideration when making your buying decision.

LCD and flat gaming monitors:

The main point of difference between LCD and flat gaming monitors lies in the way they handle and present visual information. In a flat panel monitor, everything is presented exactly as it is on a normal monitor; there are no gradations or distortions because everything is simply presented one dimensional. With a curved display, the pixels are slanted from left to right, which creates 3D visuals because the screen is actually being viewed from an angle.

Monitor displays graphics:

Why is this necessary? To understand why a curved display is better than a flat panel monitor, you first need to know what makes a curved monitor work. As mentioned above, the LCD monitor displays graphics from an angle, which requires a certain amount of space in order to achieve this goal. A curved monitor, on the other hand, allows for a much greater amount of space because the display is actually slanted. This allows for a greater viewing experience because the angles of views are much wider than with flat gaming monitors.

Curved gaming monitors tend:

When it comes to the refresh rate, the best curved gaming monitors tend to use the new AAX series by Samsung. The AAX series is made up of eighteen elements in total, which means that it has the highest pixel density of any CRT series to date. This leads to superb clarity and color reproduction, especially at the edges of the screen. At the same time, the AAX series uses a new “on screen” processing engine to reduce lag times and boost response times. In short, these monitors run quickly and remain responsive for hours on end. To top it off, they use a full one third of the power of a regular CRT.

Discussing flat gaming monitors:

Response time and clarity are two terms that are often used interchangeably when discussing flat gaming monitors, but they are actually very different. Response time simply indicates how fast a pixel can change from one color to the next. Response time also indicates the smoothness of the entire image; a fast response time allows images to be seen with no blur. With a fast response time, a high pixel density allows for superb details in a scene.

Curved gaming monitors is whether:

Another thing to look for in the best curved gaming monitors is whether or not they offer a true G-Sync option. A G-Sync module synchronizes your monitor refresh rate to that of your graphics card. This ensures that your graphics card and monitor will work together to display the colors on your screen as intended. This feature eliminates screen tearing and allows for smoother graphics. Many of the new is built today do not have a G-Sync option built-in, so you may have to look for a separate brand or model. Some manufacturers do provide a G-Sync option built into the monitor; if this is the case, it will be listed as an additional option along with the monitor.


There are many other specifications listed in an affordable price bracket, but the main thing to look for is the size of the screen. The best curved gaming monitors typically fit snugly in the head of the user, where there is little to maneuver. Many of the top monitors available today fit in a user’s lap with no problems at all. When you compare prices between a few different models, be sure to also look for a monitor’s size. This is extremely important as it can make or break your experience with the computer.

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