Amber Heard’s IMDb Page Changed To “Amber Turd” On Google

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Amber Heard’s IMDb was temporarily renamed to “Amber Turd”, by Google. Although the Internet has corrected the errors, it never forgets.

Amber’s name was changed in IMDb’s CMS TMZreports. You could see the name change when you google Heard’s name. It appeared as Amber Turd in the movie database. It was still Heard when you clicked on the website.

This unflattering nickname refers the “present” Amber Heard allegedly gave Johnny Depp in 2016 after her birthday.

According to sources close to the actress’s family, one Yorkie was responsible for the incident that occurred on the marital bed of the couple. Depp and Heard both had Yorkies.

Depp’s bodyguard testified that Amber claimed it was a “horrible practical prank gone wrong”.

Depp considered the entire thing “grotesque”, though it seems that the memory was amusing him.

Maybe he was as disgusted by the others as he was.

Amber Heard will be cross-examined in the next few days as part of the trial. The fecal matter will undoubtedly rear its ugly head. Amber will share her side of the story.

Even though the trial concerns domestic abuse allegations, some moments are too bizarre for Hollywood.

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