5 Best Shirt and Pant Combinations for Men

You don’t have to be a great fashion expert to know simple tricks to look fashionable and presentable. The biggest mistake that people make is about the way they carry themselves. When it comes to combinations, people start to think a lot to bring out the best. But the important point is that they forget to think about the basic details that are enough. Fashion has become a very luxury term, but you just need to understand a few nuances to become more fashionable and put up the best show. So, please keep scrolling as you will find the top 5 shirts for men and pant combo that can uplift your style and personality for men.

The colours and their combos

The first mistake that people make is not to think about the colours. Certain colours look completely attractive. But entirely covering yourself from the same colour cannot be too pleasing or great to look at. For example, if your favourite colour is green, you choose to wear both pants and a shirt of the same tone in green. Then that might not be too attractive, but it only gives reasons for people to mock. When you are buying shirts for men, please make sure that you are buying a contrasting match of pants.

Always please keep in mind that light coloured shirts go pretty well with dark coloured pants. It not just helps you in looking more attractive, handsome but also provides a professional look. On the other hand, if you are willing to choose a dark coloured shirt, then make sure that you are choosing light-coloured pants. Now, imagine that you need both pants and a shirt to be green. You can buy it in the same way, but make sure that it has tone variation or else, the entire outfit will look plain on you.

Pattern, pattern everywhere!

The most widely available patterns when it comes to shirts are checked, dotted and stripes. On the other hand, with respect to pants, it is easier to find pants that are embedded with stripes and checks. If you are a slim guy, then it would be best to choose checked shirts with broader boxes. This is because it provides more volume to your look. On the other hand, if you are a person who wants to look lean, then stripes can be the best option. Coming back to checks and patterns, it is always cool to wear a men white shirt with slightly checked pants. This can also be vice-versa. The best combination is that, when you are wearing a patterned shirt, it will always be good in choosing a pant that has solid and contrast colour. When you are trying to follow tip number 2, please do not forget the 1st important tip. Be it patterned or plain; contrast colours have a very important role to play.

Do fabrics influence combinations?

When people think about combinations, they usually forget to include the fabric. Even you might have to confuse if a fabric can decide the combination of dress that you are going to wear. The answer is a simple and big fat yes. Each fabric and materials have their own texture and appearance. For example, there are shirts for men that look shiny because of the synthetic fibre that is being used. The same shiny texture cannot be found in shirts that are made up of another material, such as cotton or linen. So, each kind of fabric will provide a different appearance. It is equally important to satisfy the combination of the shirts and pants depending on the cloth’s fabrics.

Not into fashion yet needs to look the best.

There are also some kinds of people who are not very much into fashion. They do not have the time to think and are always in a hurry burry. There are also others who are not much interested in fashion. Be it whoever type of person you are, and everyone wants to look the best version of themselves. Thus, few small tips can help these kinds of people if you do not want to think much about fashion and learn each nuance. That is not a problem because even you can look handsome and fashionable. All that you need is a wardrobe that has a collection of pants like black, navy, cream and khaki. You don’t have to think much to buy these colours because they are widely available. And the best part is that they can go very well with most of shirts for men. But maintaining contrast colours between shirts and pants is a must.

Skin tone can be analysed.

Though you will look fantastic the way, you are in all kinds of attires. It can be even better when you consider your skin tone. It would increase your look and personality when you wear colours that can go well with your skin tone.

Thus, these are the five basics yet the best tips that can be used for choosing the best combinations of pants and shirts. Please make sure that you have them check listed as it will help you choose the right choice of attire.

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