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5 best blogging niches for beginners

One of the easiest easy to earn online is to start your blog. All you need to do is to get a website, design it well and start posting on interesting topics. Once you have found the right niche that is near to your heart and offers decent income potential, you would be able to enjoy a regular stream of income to live a decent lifestyle without working under anyone else. In this blog, we are about to discuss some of the most saleable niches for new bloggers. 

Before we start the blog, here are a few things that you would need to start your journey:

  • Domain Name: Buy a domain name to give a unique, dedicated identity to your blog. You can buy domain names between $5-$10. 
  • Web hosting: Web hosting is the space and resource set that you would need to keep your website running. If a domain name is an address then you can compare web hosting with the house where your website resides. A yearly plan of web hosting package costs between $30 and $50
  • Web designing and development: Most of the web hosting providers offer you free templates to design your site. However, a better option would be to build your website with WordPress where you can use drag and drop, zero coin features to build your site from the ground up, or make use of hundreds of free templates that you can find there. If you have more specific designing needs then you can hire a web designer on sites like Fiverr.

Media elements

Along with the above you would also need to add some extra effects to your blog to make it appealing. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Images: No one wants to read a bland-looking text-only blog. So, you can make your blog appealing by inserting attractive images into it. You can get awesome images for free from Pixabay and for more personalized images you can also buy premium images at reasonable prices
  • Videos: Video clips not only look appealing but also keep your audience engaged for a long time. Moreover, unlike text, the videos play on their own and have a better influence on viewers. It creates a fine equation of different elements like sound, music, visuals, colors, and storyline that collectively impress the viewers. Some tools like Clipchamp allow you to edit your videos and give them an appealing professional look. The best thing is that you can get started for free and as your blog grows you can buy premium plans as well to enjoy the advanced options. It allows you to create video memes, presentations, social media video ads, and more. 

Now as you have set up your blog, it is the time to learn about the right niche for you. Here are a few of them:


Food is more than just satiating hunger. It has cultural significance and is a quick way to feel satisfied. That’s why many people can spend hours reading about different aspects of food. However, most of such readers are also interested in cooking good food which means that posting about recipes, tutorials, healthy cooking tips, and cookbooks can help you attract a committed community of readers. The income part is equally interesting as some of the top blogs are reported to earn thousands of dollars as monthly income. 

The specialization matters, when it comes to writing the food blog. For instance, you can write blogs focused on vegan or vegetarianism to build a community of vegans. It will make your blog a preferable choice for vegan food companies. Likewise, you can concentrate on other niches as well like the Lacto diet, weight watchers diet, etc. You can also build blogs on health aspects of the food like discussing calories, carbohydrates, or nutritional facts. If you have the required level of expertise and inclination then you can also go for the more nuanced fields like Diet plans for corporates or the best diet for athletes. So, you see, the opportunities are endless, provided that you have the right qualification.


Fashion blogs are among the most popular blogs as it is the term that is widely searched by the global young population. Moreover, fashion passionate people are also looking for valuable insights to learn unique styling tips and enjoy a distinguished look. It is one of the best niches to create some quick organic traffic.

Every day, new brands are starting their fashion line for which they want to collaborate with the bloggers. So, the monetization opportunities are very decent and you would have to wait for long to convert your blog into an income-generating source. 

Finance Management

Since the last decade, people have become more serious about managing their finances to enjoy a life free of troubles and worries. One of the major shifts that can be noticed during this period is that people are more interested in managing their finances independently instead of trusting a professional financial advisor whose consultations are generally driven by the commissions he will receive from different financial institutions and investment options like mutual funds, brokerage houses or property dealers. 

SO, it is a great time to start your finance blog where you empower people to independently manage their finances by taking some wise decisions and changing their lifestyle and spending habits. It will make your blog an attractive choice for finance-related companies to display their advertisements. You can also opt for tech email marketing by referring your subscribers to the most relevant investment products by genuine and trusted brands. The key to success in this field is personalization. How far you can personalize your blog posts and advice determines the success and eventually the income potential of your blog.

Media and entertainment 

This is another niche that can easily get organic traffic and has a natural quality to go viral on different social media platforms. In this niche, you concentrate on the celebrities of Cinema, TV, and other entertainment shows. The best thing about this niche is that the celebrities, producers, and other stakeholders who are professionals in this field are always seeking opportunities to popularize their profiles, upcoming projects, and ongoing shows. 

Hence, you get an extra push for making your blog popular in the digital arena. While the things sound so encouraging, you also need to show the best creative side of yours as showbiz is all about creativity and they would have a high-quality bar when it comes to selecting the blogs that they want to actively promote on their social media.


Blogging is one of the most preferred digital occupations that people are curious to know about. So, it is another strong topic to start with. The best thing about writing on blogging is that you can build good traffic and instantly turn your posts into conversation starters as passionate writers are always looking for personalized assistance and advice to start their blogging journey in an ideal manner with less friction. So, they are more likely to post a comment asking you about your advice on creativity. 

Technical and SEO-related questions or many of them might be interested in the monetization opportunities for their blog and how to choose the right niche. Also, when you post about how to start a blog you instantly make your blog interesting for the online infrastructure providers like hosting companies, WordPress plugin developers, WordPress experts, and affiliate programs. It multiplies your income-earning avenues as well.


Starting your blog is one of the best ways to earn a good amount of regular income with negligible investment. However one of the most basic concerns of any aspiring blogger is how to choose the right niche that can get organic traffic and earn a regular stream of income within a reasonable period. In this blog, we discussed some of the niches that are relatively easier to be monetized with reasonable efforts.

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