4 Effective Safe Torrenting Tips From

1.     Use a VPN

VPNs make it safe for you to torrent since they encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address. Your ISP will not know that you are downloading torrents, and both copyright trolls and hackers won’t find your IP address in the swarm.

The encryption used by VPNs can also prevent ISPs from throttling your torrenting traffic. Some VPNs actually have ad blockers for blocking connections to malicious websites. So, a VPN can help you avoid fake torrent trackers.

It is incredibly simple to download torrents safely with a VPN. You simply subscribe to a VPN, download and install the VPN app, and use it for connecting to a VPN server. After that, you are free to download as many torrents as you want.

However, not all VPNs are suitable for torrenting. To safely download P2P files, you need a VPN that allows torrenting on its servers. The VPN should also:

  • Work with all torrent clients
  • Have a no-logs policy
  • Have a kill switch to protect you from traffic leaks
  • Prevent DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks
  • Use powerful encryption
  • Have split-tunneling for optimizing download speeds

NordVPN is one of the best tools if you want to download torrents safely. It is blazing fast since it uses NordLynx, which is a protocol built around WireGuard technology. Over 4,600 P2P servers are available, which means that you can easily find a server nearby that isn’t overcrowded.

NordVPN also offers high-end security. It uses bank-grade encryption, it has a 2-times audited no-logs policy, a reliable kill switch, and offers full protection from leaks. It also uses RAM-only servers, which means that each reset wipes all server data. It also has split-tunneling for faster download speeds.

2.     Use a Seedbox

A seedbox is a server used for uploading and downloading torrents. It works as the intermediary between you and torrent trackers. You can first download your selected torrents to the seedbox before downloading the files to your device.

Seedboxes allow you to torrent safely since they hide your IP and encrypt your traffic just like VPNs do. The ISP will not know that you are using torrent trackers. All that they will see is that you are connecting to the IP of your seedbox. Everybody in your torrent swarm will only see the IP of the seedbox. Furthermore, seedboxes use HTTPS encryption for securing your traffic once you download the files to your selected devices.

Unlike VPNs, however, seedboxes usually offer significantly faster download speeds. Even if you use a server located far away, your download speeds shouldn’t really be affected by the distance. If you are a regular torrent user, however, you should stick to VPNs.

Seedboxes are only suitable for the hardcore torrent users. Simply put, the people that download massive quantities of content every day and who need to upload tons of torrents and seed a lot.

If you are looking to use a seedbox, you should consider checking out It offers excellent speeds, cheap prices, unlimited data, and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. will compensate you if any unscheduled issues arise.

3.     Use a Proxy

A proxy is essentially an online tool for hiding your IP address. It works just like a VPN. It is a server that sits between you and the torrent peers and trackers like u1337x. The key difference between VPNs and proxies is that proxies typically don’t use strong encryption. Sometimes, they don’t use any encryption at all.

Some torrent users prefer using proxies since they are faster than VPNs and while they can let you torrent safely, they will not prevent bandwidth throttling or even secure your traffic. Your ISP can still see that you are torrenting and using torrent trackers.

You are still better off getting a VPN even if you would still like to use a proxy. Providers typically offer SOCKS5 proxies that can be used while torrenting. For instance, NordVPN has 10 SOCKS5 proxy locations that you can use.

4.     Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software helps protect you from malware. When it detects files that are infected, it automatically quarantines them thus preventing them from damaging your device. Antivirus software can also block malicious torrent trackers.

Antivirus software, however, cannot hide your IP address or encrypt your traffic. To really torrent games and movies safely, you need to use antivirus software together with a VPN. After using a VPN to download a torrent, scan it using the antivirus software to ensure that it is safe to use.

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